Medium-sized companies in particular, are faced with their most important strategic decision when selling their business. Take overs that are not well prepared, planned or negotiated may expose numerous sources of error.

Finding suitable buyers, creating MBO or MBI’s, meeting the interests of both sides – all these tasks are far removed from day-to-day-operations.

M & A-transactions are complex deals that should be supported by professionals from the beginning. BERCON provides valuable experience and specific knowledge and expertise:

  • Selection of a potential buyer or seller or equity partner
  • Valuation of the company and agreement on selling price
  • Determination of the best time to take over the company
  • Further development by the former owner

To finance medium-sized transaction deals, public credits are very often attainable. If applicable, BERCON will analyse different forms of financing.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our services, experience and results.